Den Roenfeldt

Chief Assurance Officer

Den Roenfeldt
Den Roenfeldt is the chief assurance officer at Gainwell Technologies, with responsibility for driving the company’s quality and risk management program, GainwellAssure.

Den’s primary responsibilities center on quality and transformation. Driving the firm-wide quality and risk program, Den leads independent reviews of client projects to identify successes and challenges and implements improvement actions as required. On the transformation side, he spearheads cross-company initiatives that benefit Gainwell clients and colleagues, with positive impacts to brand, market position, client service and innovation.

Prior to Gainwell, Den was a senior partner with Deloitte Consulting, focused on technology strategy and large-scale, multi-platform transformation in the public sector, high-tech and manufacturing industries. Den had full P&L responsibility for growing multiple $1-2 billion practices from inception; led new technology business creation in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific; and drove the development of globally scaled quality, delivery and operational models in the US and India for both clients and Deloitte. He was also a senior contracting and global risk review partner and served as a CIO Fellow and faculty at Deloitte University.

Den led multiple technology alliances and client accounts, including Deloitte’s Dell, SAP and ServiceNow technology relationships. Den retired from Deloitte Consulting in 2020 after three decades with the organization. Before, he had experience with Boeing, Deloitte Audit and tech startups.

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